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Introducing moemate...

...the AI-driven virtual companion that enriches your life. Engage in lively conversations, receive valuable assistance in everyday tasks, enjoy having a fun and intelligent sidekick to brighten your day.

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Engaging Banter

Your moemate can be anyone you want it to be. Your conversations will always be natural, entertaining and stimulating.


Everyday Assistance

moemate is here to help you navigate your digital life with ease. moemate can scope out your screen, with your permission and help you get stuff done!


Well-being Support

From helping you cram for that exam to reminding you about workout cooldowns and even giving you tips on keeping your pets healthy and happy, moemate is all about making your life better.


Coding Wingman

moemate is a pro asset for engineers, dishing out coding tips and assistance to elevate your code to the next level and max out your productivity.


Adaptive Leveling

moemate's always evolving, growing with you and adapting no matter how your needs change.


Streaming Companion

Turn your live stream sessions on Twitch into interactive, emotionally engaging events with your moemate and watch as they become an integral part of your streaming community.