How does moemate protect my privacy? Where is my data stored? Why should I trust the moemate app enough to talk with it or share my screen?

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us at Webaverse; as is users maintaining data ownership. All memories for your moemate are stored locally on your own device. Any data that we send to AI service providers like OpenAI is encrypted in transit and is stored privately and securely at those providers. No data being used will be sold to third parties.

How far can I customize my moemate? Can I use my own VRMs and/or voice models? Can I integrate with my NFTs?

moemate was designed with creators in mind. Your characters are highly customizable.You can easily change out the character models, import your own VRMs from NFTs, give them a name and personality by editing their bio and select their voice from a wide range of available voices. You can even export your personalized characters (model, name, bio and voice) as cards which you can share with your friends and they can import themselves. We want moemate to speak to you, so it can look and sound just like you want it to.

What are the system requirements for using moemate? What permissions does moemate need to function properly? Does moemate work with all browsers?

moemate requires screen recording and microphone permissions on your devices so it can see and read your screen and hear your voice. And moemate works with all kinds of applications; be it browsers, games, streaming services and anything else! If you can see it, so can moemate.

Does Webaverse have an API that friendly websites can integrate to further enable moemate to read and understand what it’s reading online?

Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap. We’re excited to expand moemate’s functionality to make it more useful to you, so please do share your ideas for new features!

What sort of tasks can I enable my moemate to perform? Can it organize spreadsheets or send emails for me?

As of now, moemate can be your assistant by reading and analyzing information on your screen for you. Task automation is currently a work in progress. We’re already working on browser and terminal automation so moemate will be able to organize spreadsheets and send emails for you in the very near future.

Why does my memory/chat get erased after some releases?

Since we are constantly updating the app during the beta phase, there are times we have to wipe out the memory. Note that it will probably keep happening until we are out of beta release and as a workaround solution you can export your memory files to keep them safe through upgrades.